Kosmos Q Apple Habanero Rib Glaze – 16 oz.


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  • TRANSFORM ORDINARY MEAT:  Sick of dry, tasteless meat?  This award-winning BBQ Rib Glaze will take your meat to the next level.  Transform basic prime rib into lip-smacking, head-turning, ground-pounding BBQ that is sure to wow even the toughest of BBQ critics.  You’ll soon find yourself being asked to host all of the family barbecues.
  • A FLAVOR EXPLOSION:  This delicious BBQ Glaze delivers a mouthwatering explosion of savory, sweet heat flavor.  The habanero mash, cane sugar, and Kosmos signature juices unite to give a full apple flavor to your rib creation with a mild yet thrilling heat accent.
  • EASY TO USE:  The BBQ Glaze instructions are based on 1 rack of ribs, but whether you are making 1 rack or 4 racks, simply brush Kosmos Q Apple Habanero BBQ Rib Glaze onto your meat according to personal taste.  The recipe is infinitely customizable!  Once brushed onto the ribs, simply enjoy your sweet smelling and deliciously succulent meat.
  • UNIQUELY DESIGNED FOR RIBS: Kosmos Q recommends using their glaze seasoning and marinade for the intended meat only.  Similar to a wine pairing, they have designed the secret spice blend to not only accompany, but also enhance the flavor of ribs.  How you decide to cook them, however, is completely up to you.
  • THE SECRET IS KOSMOS Q:  Since its formation in 2009, Kosmos Q has won multiple championships, both grand and reserve, in the highly competitive world of BBQ.  Kosmos Q attends 30 competitions each year, caters events on the infield of NASCAR’s Texas Motor Speedway, and held the position of the nation’s 2nd best food truck for a year and a half.  Every product developed by Kosmos Q goes through rigorous testing.  If it’s not good enough for us at Kosmos Q, then it’s not good enough for you.



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