Jealous Devil Onyx Binchotan Charcoal – 20 lb. Box


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Jealous Devil’s mission is to create legendary fuels and experiences and there is no fuel more legendary than Binchotan.  Binchotan’s unparalleled purity, power, and performance make it the rarest and most coveted hardwood lump charcoal in the world.  It was developed in 17th century Japan by master craftsmen who passed the secrets of its incredibly demanding production methods from generation to generation. Binchotan is carbonized under extreme heat (over 2,300 degrees F) in specialized kilns for several weeks.  This unique process gives binchotan its distinctive metallic sound and whitened surface – and its incredible burn.  Jealous Devil crafts its Onyx Binchotan from all-natural, ultra-dense South American hardwood and honors every step of this traditional method.  Binchotan is reusable. Extinguish it with water, let it dry, and then relight it with no significant loss in structure or performance.  Binchotan’s uniquely hot burn produces FIR (far infrared) heat.  This heat fully penetrates food for perfectly even cooking from the inside out, and seals the surface to lock in natural flavors.  Binchotan’s long, even, smooth burn is completely smokeless and flameless, preserving the taste of your food and providing exceptional control over flavor profiles.  Pure as heaven. Hotter than hell.
  • PURE AS HEAVEN: Crafted from 100% pure, ultra-dense South American hardwood with no chemicals or fillers
  • HOTTER THAN HELL: Max temperatures of over 1,200F degrees!
  • REUSABLE: Onyx can be extinguished with water, relit, and reused with no loss of structure or performance
  • FAR INFARED HEAT: Binchotan is the only charcoal on that market that produces far infrared heat, which seals in juices and flavors and creates unique textures and flavor profiles that are impossible to acheive with standard lump or briquette charcoals
  • NO SMOKE OR FLAMES: Binchotan uniquely burns without smoke or flames, providing for exceptional culinary control and a surreal grilling experience

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