Yoder 3-Tier Wire Smoking Rack (480 & 640 Pellet)


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The Yoder Smokers 3-Tier Wire Smoking Rack is made of heavy stainless steel and helps you utilize the vertical space in your cooker. Perfect for loading your smoker up with beef jerky, ribs, or even chicken pieces. All 3 racks are removable so you can configure the space however you need to. The space below the bottom rack is open which allows you to place foil pans for grease drip if necessary.


  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fully removable racks
  • Model numbers: A92200, A92198
  • Dimensions:
    • YS480: 19 7/8” wide X 18 ¼” deep X 10” tall
    • YS640: 27 7/8” wide X 18 ¼” deep X 10” tall
  • Cooking area for YS640 3-Tier Wire Rack:
    • Bottom Rack – 479 square inches
    • Middle Rack – 405 square inches
    • Top Rack – 241 square inches
  • Cooking area for YS480 3-Tier Wire Rack:
    • Bottom Rack – 333 square inches
    • Middle Rack – 284 square inches
    • Top Rack – 168 square inches


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