Maverick TM-10 Grill Minder BBQ/Oven Tip Timer


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Automatically Resets Every Time You Open & Close the Grill!!

Maverick Digital Timer Grill Minder TM-10Easy to Use: Using the Grill Minder is simple…that’s the point. It is specifically designed so that you don’t have to remember to set the timer. The Grill Minder securely straps to the handle of your grill, and stays there even when you are not cooking. It has many standard timing features, but the game changer is that every time you open and close the lid on your grill, the Last Opened Timer resets and starts counting up.

Here’s How it works:

  1. You put your food on the grill and close the lid…the timer automatically starts counting up from 0:00.
  2. You chase your kids around.
  3. Your wife asks you how long the chicken has been on.(uh-oh)
  4. You run to the grill and see that it has been 3:25 since you put the chicken on (just like you planned it).

Use the additional features of the timer to hone your grilling skills. You worry about the marinades…The Grill Minder will do the timing. The Grill Minder is about to change the way you grill. Never again will you forget to set a timer or forget how long your food has been on the grill! Grill Minder’s patent pending LAST OPENED timer automatically resets every time you close your grill lid. Other features include: Total Timer – Keeps track of total cooking time Alarm Timer – You set the timer…it beeps Light – No sun…no problem Easily attaches to most grill handles Weather resistant Works on ovens too!!


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