The PT-50 Two-Way Thermocouple Thermometer is designed to give you instant and accurate results, from every angle. The PT-50 digital meat thermometer display rotates 180° for viewing in your right or left hand, for an effortless cooking experience.

For a quick and easy grilling experience, this meat thermometer reads accurate temperatures in less than five seconds! With a wide range of reading capabilities, the backlit LCD display shows temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius and has a temperature range of -40° to 660° Fahrenheit.

The thermocouple thermometer is also designed for compact storage and ease-of-use, as the probe pivots into the unit. Additionally, the PT-50 automatically turns the unit on and off when the probe is opened and closed.

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Select right or left hand display
Display rotates 180° for easy viewing
Accurate temperature in less than five seconds
Super thin tip for easy measurement
Hold the button to lock the display temperature
Temperature range
Displays in both °F and °C
Temperature range from -40°F to 660°F
The unit turns on automatically when the probe is opened and shuts off when closed
The LCD display has a back light for night time viewing
Once the set temperature is reached, you can lock the display
Calibrate this thermocouple thermometer by inserting the probe tip into water at a known temperature such as an ice water bath at 32°F or boiling water at 212°F
The unit has a low battery display to indicate when batteries need to be changed
2 AAA batteries included


How can I recalibrate this meat thermometer?

You can recalibrate the PT-50 Two-Way Thermocouple Thermometer by inserting the probe tip into water at a known temperature, such as an ice water bath at 32°F or boiling water at 212°F.

What is the temperature range of this digital thermometer, and how long does it take to display a temperature reading?

The PT-50 digital instant-read thermometer has a temperature range from -40°F to 660°F with accurate temperature readings in less than five seconds!

Can I grill in the dark using this digital meat thermometer?

Yes, the PT-50 BBQ thermometer is designed with an LCD screen that has a backlight for nighttime viewing, so you can enjoy your favorite grilled foods at any time of the day or night.


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