PK Grills Stainless Steel Grilling Tongs


PK Grills Stainless Steel Grilling Tongs

With an innovative design and polycarbonate handles, these high grade stainless steel tongs may be the best ever made. The custom designed tips allow you to grip and flip a single asparagus stalk as easily as you would a porterhouse steak. The spring loaded hinge is strong, precise and locks in place.  If Navy Seals carried grill tools, they would carry these weapons-grade tongs.

  • Custom designed tips for gripping small and large food items.
  • Designed with a wide, fluted spatularium to glide smoothly beneath your steak and burgers.
  • Polycarbonate elongated handle is optimized to give you the perfect wrist-pop.
  • Created with stainless Steel for durability and long-lasting use.
  • Handy hook on the end made especially for the accessory wire on the PK360 grill & smoker.
  • See PK Grills Steel Spatula (PK99081) to complete the set.

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