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Turn your gas grill into a smoker. To be used with your favorite wood chips or pellets, the Napoleon Smoker Pipe is a simple tool for enhancing the flavor of your food. Ideal for adding genuine smoke flavor to meats and fish.

Enjoy that delicious smoked meat flavor at home with your own grill and a few pointers from Napoleon. When using gas grills, it’s best to put presoaked wood chips in our smoker tub. This keeps your grill from filling up with ashes and clogging the jets. If you are using a charcoal tray, then you can either put the wood directly on the preheated coals or place them in the wood chip chamber in the tray.

Fill the stainless steel smoker tube with wood chips. Submerge in water for at least half an hour. Place the smoker tube over the left burner and turn it on. Place your meat over the right burner, but do not turn on the burner. You are using the indirect smoking cooking method.

Smoke the meat for several hours under a closed lid. To achieve maximum flavor, add fresh, pre-soaked wood chips several times during the cooking process or use two tubes.


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