M Grills Universal Grate Removing Tools



Quick, easy and clean removal of grates.  Designed to work with a variety of bbq grill grates.  These tools also work great for stoking your wood burning fires, moving hot charcoal around, and pulling out firebox baskets.  On the C4 Stainless Steel Portable Grill, they make a great lid stand that turns into a nice work surface.  They even fit nicely inside the C4 Portable Grill for storage!   There are so many uses with these wonderful bbq tools we know you’ll love them.

These grate tools are made from solid 1/4″ 304 stainless steel and should last you forever!  No plastic or wood handles that will eventually crack or rot.  No spring mechanism that can eventually fail and extra long stems to keep your hands away from hot fires.

Comes with a set of two grate tools.

Overall Length: 10.75″

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 3 in


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