Jealous Devil Maxxx XL Briquets – 10 lb. bag/box


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Kick up the heat! Jealous Devil Max elevates the BBQ briquette to a bigger, better fuel. JD Max hardwood briquettes were designed from the ground up for ceramic grills, smokers, and low-and-slow style BBQ.  There are no fillers, chemicals, or toxic mystery ingredients that produce bitter smoke and mountains of ash.  So what is in these charcoal briquettes?  Pure, incredibly dense natural hardwood charcoal with a pinch of vegetable starch (that?s it ? yes, really).  Jealous Devil takes it a step further with its proprietary XL pillow shape making it the biggest pillow briquette on the market for the longest, hottest burn you?ll find. Pure as Heaven.  Hotter than Hell.
  • PURE AS HEAVEN: 100% natural made entirely from hardwood charcoal and a pinch of vegetable starch with no chemicals or fillers
  • HOTTER THAN HELL: Max temperatures twice that of traditional briquettes and even burns hotter than most lump charcoals
  • XL SIZE: Twice the size of typical briquets for maximum performance and an incredibly long burn
  • BETTER TASTE AND FLAVOR: Taste-enhancing aroma and flavor without harsh smoke or odors typically associated with competitor briquettes
  • INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE: Only briqutte on the market designed for low-and-slow and competitive cooks with low ash content, no sparking, long burn times and high max temps

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