GrillGrates for the 14.5″ Weber Kettle Grill, Smokey Joe, Small Green Egg, MiniMax & Akorn Jr


TWO radius cut 13.75″ GrillGrates for the Smokey Joe, Small Green Egg, MiniMax and all 14.5″ diameter grills

These GrillGrate kettle grill sets are the #1 ranked grill surface in America, hand downs!

GrillGrates are interlocking grate panels that fit across the surface of your grill. They can replace your existing grates or just cover them. GrillGrates amplify the heat of your grill, reduce burning, and deliver restaurant quality sear marks all at once. GrillGrates are made of hard anodized aluminum. Hard anodized aluminum is rust proof and functions as an incredible heat conductor for all grill toppers. Heat is transferred evenly through the metal and flavor is amplified by the evaporated juices that hit the super heated valleys between the rails.

All GrillGrate sets come with the GrateTool. An all-purpose flipping, cleaning spatula built specifically to work with GrillGrates unique raised rail system.


  • 1. Anodized aluminum grate coating for flame-resistance and no-rust exterior.
  • 2. Interlocking panels; no assembly required. Simply remove old grates and replace.
  • 3. Flames are deflected by hard aluminum body preventing flare-ups and burnt meat.
  • 4. Lightweight panels (Only 2 pounds per panel) make for easy transportation / Camping trips / Tailgating / Cooking on the go.
  • 5. GrateTool Cooking accessory makes flipping food easy. Simply lift, turn food at a 45 degree angle, and re-set on the GrillGrates for a beautiful cross-hatch sear mark.

*Also fits the Pit Barrel Jr.


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