Monitor Your BBQ Easily and Wirelessly

The ET-732 Wireless Barbecue Thermometer is equally at home on the BBQ, in the oven, or on the smoker, allowing you to quickly track your meat as it cooks from up to 300 feet away with the included remote receiver.

With the ET-732, there’s no need to interrupt time with family and friends to check the temperature and status of your BBQ grilling session. This remote meat thermometer monitors your BBQ temperature from up to 300 feet away using the wireless receiver. When meat temperature falls above or below the programmed range, this wireless meat thermometer notifies you with beeping and flashing on the remote. You’ll never forget the temperature you used to get the perfect cook last time, as the grill thermometer stores your meat, barbecue, and timer settings for easy use.

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Maverick ET-732 is a BBQ and meat thermometer designed for remote temperature monitoring. It has a communication range of 300 feet, it features 2 stainless steel probes, and its maximum temperature threshold is 572°F. For perfectly carefree cooking, smoking, and grilling, it provides programmed temperatures and alerts and it allows you to set both a countdown and count up timer.

If everything sounds good so far and you are wondering whether this thermometer has any major flaws, keep reading this Maverick ET-732 review to discover all of its strengths and weaknesses.

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ET-732 Wireless BBQ Thermometer Set Features:

Receiver has belt clip and built-in stand
Food probe wire can be inserted 6” into meat
Both probe wires are heat resistant to 716°F
Can be used in oven or smoker too
Lost signal alert warns you if your transmitter is out of range or has lost the radio frequency signal
Transmitter has removable wire stand that also becomes a hanger
Your meat, barbecue, and timer settings are stored even if the unit is turned off
Monitor internal temperature of meat from 300 feet away
Wireless receiver with LCD beeps and flashes when meat temperature goes above your programmed temperature
Monitor barbecue temperature – Receiver beeps and flashes if temperature falls above or below your programmed range
Count up and count down timer
LCD of receiver has back light for use at night
Receiver displays barbecue temperature up to 572°F


I’m looking for a meat thermometer where I can remotely monitor my meat cooking. Is the ET-732 right for me?

Yes, the ET-732 comes with a transmitter and receiver for easy remote monitoring of your grill or oven from up to 300 feet away.

I want to be able to monitor my grill from inside my kitchen. Will the ET-732 wireless barbecue thermometer reach this far?

As long as your grill is within 300 feet of the receiver, the ET-732 wireless BBQ thermometer supports instant readings.

Will the ET-732 grill thermometer receiver alert me if I get too far away from the transmitter?

Yes, the ET-732 meat thermometer uses a receiver that emits a lost signal alert to let you know if your transmitter is out of range or has lost its radio frequency signal.


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