Cookshack SmartSmoker® Commercial Electric Smoker Oven Model SM360



The Cookshack SmartSmoker® SM360 oven is designed for operations that need a capacity of up to 550 lbs. of heavy cuts per load. Cookshack’s largest electric smoker, the SM360 is ideal for operations with predominantly smoked foods or barbecue on the menu.

How It Works

  • Heat is supplied by an electronically-controlled heating element
  • Smoke is created as wood smolders in the wood box
  • The heating element works only when the door is completely closed
  • Produce hot foods or cold smoked foods with optional cold smoke kit
  • Safe, contained wood box slides out
  • Drippings exit the bottom of the smoker into a removable drip pan for a clean, safe operation

IQ5 Controller

  • Digital controller
  • Includes 8 programmable, customizable cooking presets
  • Alarm cycle
  • LCD display
  • USB port for downloading up to 512 hours of cook time onto a FAT formatted USB flash drive
  • Features 3-stage, 2-stage and probe mode cooking options
  • Optional meat probe allows the user to set the smoker to a desired internal meat temperature and then automatically cycles into hold when the temperature is met


  • Tough double-walled stainless steel construction surrounds 850°F SpinGlas® insulation
  • Retains heat and remains cool to the touch on the outside

SM160 Venting Requirements

A small amount of smoke will escape from the top of the oven and from around the door. Three methods of venting can be used, consult your local authorities to determine which method meets your local codes:

  • The oven can be placed under a Class 2 hood.
  • The oven can be direct vented by suspending a 4” diameter pipe at least 3” above the vent hole on top of the smoker that runs outdoors or to an existing hood.
  • The unit can also be vented by an optional Smokehood from Cookshack. The stainless steel Smokehood incorporates a removable grease filter and an exhaust fan. It mounts directly on top of the smoker and removes the smoke vented during normal cooking.

SM160 Specifications

Cooking Capacity: Pork Butts: 550 lbs., Brisket: 500 lbs., Ribs: 270 lbs. or 100 whole chickens per load
Cooking Surface: Qty (28) 18″ x 18″ (45.7 x 45.7 cm) nickel plated grills, 5″ (12.7 cm) apart (Contact us to upgrade to Stainless Steel grills!)
Cooking Area: 9,072 square inches
Temperature Settings: 125°- 300° F
Shipping Weight: 750 lbs.
Included Equipment: 28 Grills, Side Racks, Wood Box, Wood Box Handle, Casters, Operator’s Manual, Cookshack Cookbook, Spare Heating Element, 10 lbs. Hickory Wood and Spice Kit
Fuel Usage: 1 oz. of wood for every 60 lbs. of product
Average Operating Costs for 12 hours: $3.63
Construction and Insulation: Double Walled Construction surrounding 850° F Spin-Glas® Fiberglass Insulation

It is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and is ETL listed in the USA and Canada.


Additional information

Weight800 lbs
Dimensions72 × 47 × 39.75 in


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