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Contact Jeff (aka The Smoker Guy) today, to talk about the perfect Backwoods Smoker that will have you producing mouth watering BBQ right out of the box!

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Jeff Silvers

Chief BBQ Officer aka “The Smoker Guy!”

Backwoods Smokers, BBQ, Smoker, Red Box Smoker, Jeff, The Smoker Guy

By day, Jeff is a healthcare business development consultant and a father of two daughters.  But in the evenings and on the weekends, his extreme passion as a barbeque enthusiast and aficionado really shines.  Jeff started smoking meats in the early 90’s and since that time, he’s never looked back!  He continues his pursuit of excellence by offering up BBQ consulting & expertise for new and seasoned cooks alike.

He’s a certified Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) judge and has competed in dozens of local, National and World Championship BBQ competitions as a Pitmaster.  Most recently, he cooked at the World Championship Memphis in May contest, and won 3rd place in the Kingsford Tour of Champions!  When you want to talk about cooking and smokers, Jeff’s other moniker, “The Smoker Guy” takes on a whole new dimension.

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