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Welcome to the home of the Backwoods Smoker, where we’ve been smoking the competition for 30 years.

Our featured product, the Backwoods Smoker, uses a patented double wall construction, we have put high-quality insulation into every cooker.  This gives you superior heat control in your pit.  Because of our double wall design, you can walk up to a Backwoods Smoker which is cranking 400 degrees of heat inside, and touch the outside of the cooker which is still cool!

Our small smoker, “The Chubby”, was awarded Top 10 Best Value Residential Smoker in 2014 by


Chubby 3400


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Jeff, the Smoker Guy, has all the details on this amazing Backwoods product!

Professional Competition Features

All products manufactured by Backwoods Smokers, and offered by Smokin' Deal BBQ, are of the highest quality and Made In The USA.


Insulated Walls

Backwoods Smokers have insulated double walls that allow smoke to travel up into your pit, but does not allow heat to escape, giving you superior heat control. The inside of your cooker will be smoking hot, the outside will be cool to the touch!


Water Barrier

Backwoods Smokers are all built with a water pan between your fire pit and smoke pit, creating a moisture barrier which gives you that excellent indirect heat needed for smoking foods to perfection. It also puts moisture into your pit, keeping meats from drying out.


Gaskets and Latches

Each Backwoods Smoker comes with gaskets on the doors, and high quality latches to help you to minimize heat and smoke loss. It also helps you to get more economy out of your charcoal by allowing it to burn slower with less oxygen.




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Working on a offer you can’t refuse with Smokin’ Deal BBQ, our favorite Backwoods BBQ Smoker Dealer, nobody serves you like Jeff will! Check out and get

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The perfect retirement gift!

Ted could not be happier! His employer honors his faithful service with a Backwoods Smoker from Smokin’ Deal BBQ! Ted
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A new G2 Competitor delivered

Indiana’s finest, Jerry W. from Crown Point, IN Takes delivery of his new Backwoods G2 Competitor from Smokin’ Deal BBQ!
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